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Windows Open 7 Activator 1.0.4
ULoade -
Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition 3.118
Windows 7 Loader v1.8.0
Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Activator For Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64
and more.

Windows 7 Loader v1.8.0

Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic, Starter Editions

Also activates Vista and Server 2008 editions.

All x86/x64

* GRLDR 0.97 from zsmin
* Can be run as a standalone, just move the executable to wherever you like
* Maintain your own list of serials, future or current (comes with a lot of preset keys)
* Add your own certificates and SLIC's
* Automatically finds an available drive letter (if required)
* Installer and uninstaller built in as standard
* Checks your Windows version and build before install
* Automatically finds your active boot partition
* Works on all languages
* Works alongside hidden partitions
* Works on Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008 editions
* Support for bios modded users
* Argument support for silent installs
* You can use this tool to activate your Windows 7/Vista ISO by editing setupcomplete.cmd
* Improves Windows 7 boot time on a Mac
* Encrypted SLIC support

* Encryption and randomization for your security to help protect you from MS
* Byte differences - Everyone's GRLDR won't be byte for byte the same
* Profile match ups - SLIC, certificate and serial that best suits your system
* Arguments - Can be used to pre-activate your OS
* Uses custom error checking on near every function making the application much more reliable instead of spitting out files and failing
* Frankenbuild checking
* Integrity checking with useful info on screen so the user can verify it
* External Keys.ini support for all OS versions
* External file support for both SLIC's and certificates
* Newer GRLDR versions than other loaders, thus a greater chance of a successful activation
You don't need to uninstall to upgrade to a newer version.

Latest - 1.8.0

* Improved SLIC detection (still not tied to anything, it's simply a BETA feature until I get more feedback)
* Fixed file write errors caused by
* Added support for Server Standard R2
* Added support for FSC, Quanmax and Trigem
* Added various new OEM SLP serials
*Added a new GRLDR version (0.96) from zsmin (custom edition for my program)
*Added external SLIC support (read "How to add support.txt" for more info)
*Added support for BenQ and Sony machines
*Added support for Windows 7 Starter Edition
*Added various new OEM SLP serials
*Added encrypted SLIC support
*Added random loader names
*Added byte differences (everyones GRLDR loader won't be byte for byte the same)
*Added a new GRLDR version (0.97) from zsmin (custom edition for my program)
*Added /norestart argument
*Added support for Windows 7 Home Basic
*Removed the older loader
*Added loader mode options
*Changed the UI so that it's now slightly transparent as well as resized to suit the new options
*Added Samsung support for Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional & Home Premium editions
*Improved internal resources security
*Removed window transparency to fix a Windows 7 artifacts bug and improve responsiveness on older systems using onboard graphics
*Improved the "Custom menu.lst" loader option. It will now show all people using this setting the GRUB menu at system startup
*Upgraded some certificates to version 2.1
*Improved free drive letter assignment
*Corrected some grammar
Added random SLIC encryption support, this means everyones SLIC will have a unique encryption
**Added GRLDR file size randomization
Added GRLDR v0.97-DAZ+SEC-R2. This is just a minor version to support the random encryption
* Added SLIC table detection (BIOS mod and software, it can tell the difference) -- this feature is in BETA
* Added support for Advent, Medion and Nokia
* Added various new OEM SLP serials

Windows 7 Activator ULoader

Windows 7 Activator ULoader - a new activator of the notorious Orbit 30 from Nov. 6 to operating system Windows 7 x86/x64 . Activateyour copy of Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008 and makes it real.

ULoader by Orbit30
"Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Server 2008"

Supports 32-bit (x86)
Supports 64-bit (x64)
Ability to use your Product Key
Ability to change Product Key even after Activation
Hard-Modding Available
Multiple Loaders Available
New Master OEM Keys Added
Updated Master OEM Keys
System Information Display
User-Friendly GUI
1-click Activation Available
Stable Release
Orbit30 is among the first few programmers to come out with 7Loaders
Clean of Malware
Works 100%

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition 3.118

Windows Software Licensing Management Tool
Everest/SLIC Dump TooKit
Product Key Checker

Default SLIC emulator: W7 Loader(Forceful)
Default emulation scheme: Safest

Special abilities:
- Trial Reset (get back 4 rearms and 30 days)
- Windows is always has recovery option (not need to recovery from DVD if SLIC emulator crash PC)
- Activate any edition w/o reducing default activation abilities

Automatic and Advanced Mode;
Complite loaders collection
Custom loaders integration;
KMS activation(with time sync);
Windows activation information;
Screenshot capturing;
SLIC checking: checksum, SLIC&RSDT&XSDT markers;
Motherboard name detection;
Installed loader information: Boot Loader and SLIC Emulator;
Installed key information;
SLIC dump;
Certificate dump;
Product key checker;
Product key description;
Logos and OEM information installation;
Commmand line keys;
Internal SLIC's storage;
Internal Certificates storage;
Ability to use external SLIC's storage;
Ability to use external Certificates storage;
SLIC and Certificate comparison;
Custom KMS servers list;
Custom keys list;
Custom logos list;

What's new? 3.118:
- Multi-boot from BIOS boot menu supported by default
Fixes 3.117:
- Boot device detection for buggy Windows

Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Activator For Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64

Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Activator For Win 7 Ultimate

Work only for Windows 7 Ultimate.Tested OK 100%

Windows Open 7 Activator 1.0.4

Windows Open 7 Activator 1.0.4 by Nononsence + HotCarl (x86-x64) | 5.03 MB
Yeah, new Win7 activation toolkit. Just get yourself Windows 7 & Server 2008 releases from GRP or WZT, choose one of the activation methods and you’re good to go. Read instructions first.
*1.0.0: Initial release of O7A.
*1.0.1 & 1.0.2: Updated product keys and various minor code revisions.
--Updated help documentation to add a few FAQs, more pictures, etc.
--Added latest Lenovo Starter key
--Added Nokia SLIC & Certificate
--Other minor improvements
---Fixed issue that PAYMYRENT brought up with the restart PC dialog box.
Changes in 1.0.4:
* Added new Lenovo Ultimate key (in the Product Key drop-down listbox for Windows 7 Ultimate as "Lenovo (2)"
* Added SLIC detection (will detect whether or not your PC has the required SLIC...useful for troubleshooting purposes ) (thanks to alphawaves for the idea!)
* Updated help documentation


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