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Runtime Software produces a range of data recovery tools aimed at both consumers and IT professionals. While the service has both RAID and NAS recovery programs, Runtime doesn’t produce Mac or mobile recovery tools. There is, however, a Windows recovery tool, GetDataBack Simple, which we’ll be looking at in this review.
Data recovery tools can be used to reclaim files that you’ve accidentally deleted or have been wiped out by a program, power outage or virus. Some tools, including GetDataBack Simple, can also be used to recover data from lost, formatted or corrupted partitions. The program can even be used to recover data from USB flash drives and external storage.
However, while it offers some good recovery options, GetDataBack Simple is just not as powerful or user-friendly as our other best data recovery software — especially when you consider it’s priced similarly to better options. Stick with us as we break down GetDataBack Simple point-by-point and help you decide if you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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