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Ashampoo Snap 6 provides everything you need to capture
information, apply annotations and effects to illustrate your
point and publish the results.


Ashampoo Snap 6 provides multiple capture modes to cover all
possible eventualities. Besides optional keyboard shortcuts to
trigger the different modes, there is no fiddling with your
keyboard required as most modes simply involve mouse positioning
and clicking to begin/end the capturing process.

Fixed Size Region
· Select any application window, including scrolling windows,
and have Ashampoo Snap 6 capture their entire contents to
image files. You may also capture your entire desktop or
application menus.
· Additionally, Ashampoo Snap 6 provides presets for common
window sizes.

Free Size Region
· Either use a freely resizable rectangle shape or draw your own
shape to capture any region of your screen.

· Some scenarios require interval capturing, e.g. to record a
step-by-step process for a tutorial project. In this mode,
Ashampoo Snap 6 either creates a single screenshot after a
definable time period (10 to 30 seconds) or several at a
customizable interval from “Every 5th Second” to “Every Hour”.
· This mode works with the desktop, application windows or a
freely resizable rectangle area.

· Although Ashampoo Snap 6 already provides timer-based
capturing at fixed intervals, some cases require higher
framerates only possible through video capturing. In Ashampoo
Snap 6, video and audio codec settings are customizable
including framerate, format and bitrate. Sound recording is
supported through any available Windows recording device.
· Additionally, Ashampoo Snap 6 provides settings to allow for
mouse cursor effects such as glowing on mouse clicks as well
as video post processing including effects such as Sepia and
automatic resizing.
· Recording is either done on the fly for faster machines or
with disk caching for slower machines.
· This mode works with the desktop, application windows, freely
resizable and fixed-size rectangle areas as well as any
available webcam.


Once your screenshot(s) have been created it is time to start
editing. You don’t need extra image editing software, Ashampoo
Snap 6 supports you with a range of built-in functions to
annotate, illustrate and process your screenshots to help you
communicate your thoughts and ideas.

· Scroll (Pan)
· Undo / Redo
· Zoom
· Thumbnail Browser

All functions support different combinations of styling and
alignment settings. The following attributes are supported:
· Font Style
· Alignment
· Color
· Line (Stroke)
· Opacity

Add text and structure to your captures to provide extra
information and clarity.
· Text
· Hint
· Note
· Numbers
· Zoomed Button

Draw attention to detail or accentuate and emphasize relevant

· Shape
· Arrow
· Stamp
· Pencil
· Eraser

· Marker
· Highlight
· Spotlight
· Flood Fill
· Blur Pen
· Mouse

Use the many effects to put the finishing touches on your work
and add a watermark to protect your intellectual property.

Common Operations:
· Rotate, Mirrior, Flip
· Resize
· Merge
· Alpha
· Channel
· Merge Layers

Ashampoo Snap 6 enables you to apply the following effects to
selected pixels only:
Crop, Blur, Sharpen, Buttonize, Zoom into Selection

Image Efects:
The following effects apply to whole images.
· Drop Shadow
· Border
· Fade
· Artistic Effects

Ashampoo Snap 6 helps you manage your files both during and
after the production process as well as to export and
distribute them.

File Management
Discard and delete snapshots right from within Ashampoo Snap 6.
You may even open and re-edit existing images and PDF documents
or browse their output folders, all with a single click. Use
the built-in date- and timestamp feature to catalog your images
and apply either text- or image-based watermarks with
transparency to protect your intellectual property.

File Export
Besides support for printing and exporting your processed
images to the Windows system clipboard, Ashampoo Snap 6
supports several additional output formats.

Image Formats
· Save your images to any of the following image formats: BMP,
· Create PDF files to share with others right from within
Ashampoo Snap 6.
Ashampoo Photo Commander Document v2
· Use this format to retain all data on manually added objects
and settings and revise your work at a later time.

File Distribution

· Click the email button and Ashampoo Snap 6 will create a
draft email including the required attachment for you. Just
fill in the recipients and text and you are ready to go.
Facebook Upload
· Use the built-in Facebook uploader and share your work with
your Facebook friends.
Ashampoo Web Upload
· Instantly upload your work to Ashampoo Webspace and create
internet links to share with others. Viewers may also
download or share the image through email, Facebook, Twitter
or Google+ right from the linked website.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8


Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.

Graphic adapter: min.resolution 1024 x 768 and 16-bit High color (32-bit recommended) and min. 64 MB RAM.

Sound Card: none (supported audio record device and microphone recommended)

RAM and disk space: 256 MB RAM, approx. 50 MB Hard Disk Space for program files.

Homepage: http://www.ashampoo.com/en/eur/pin/0824/

Installation Instructions:

- Install program
- Run "Regme" and merge it to system registry
- Done, Enjoy.


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